Canadian Graphene Conference Set for October 18-20 in Montreal

The Graphene Canada conference is set for Montreal, Quebec on October 18th to 20th at the Centre Mont-Royal.

The conference is organized by Spanish company, Phantoms Foundation, which specializes in scientific conferences/workshops on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology.  It’s why the Canadian conference registration fees are in Euros. One of the founders of Phantoms Foundation, Dr. Antonio Correia, is also one of the invited speakers. Forty speakers are presenting at the conference but only ten are from Canada. Eighteen are from Europe, seven are from Asia and five from USA.

The ten Canadian speakers represent eight universities and one company. Universities represented include Queen’s University, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Ottawa, Université Laval, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, University of Waterloo.

Areas of interest based on Abstracts are as follows:

Aiping Yu (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Advanced Li-Ion Hybrid Supercapacitors Based on 3D Graphene- Foam Composites

Jean-François Morin (Université Laval, Canada)
Photochemical Bottom-up Synthesis of Nanographenes and Graphene Nanoribbons

Jean-Luc Meunier (McGill University, Canada)
A thermal plasma route for the generation and functionalization of highly crystalline graphene structures and stable nanofluids

Pawel Hawrylak (University of Ottawa, Canada)
Photonics, electronics and spintronics with graphene quantum dots

Tobin Filleter (University of Toronto, Canada)
Mechanical Behavior of Graphene Oxide

Giovanni Fanchini (The University of Western Ontario, Canada)
Graphene thin films and their interaction with metallic nanoparticles: materials, characterization and applications

Marc M. Dignam (Queen’s University, Canada)
Third Harmonic Terahertz Generation in Monolayer and Bilayer Graphene

Florina Truica (Alcereco Inc, Canada)
Solvent effects control of the wettability behaviour of graphene thin films

ALCERECO is an Advanced Materials development company, part of the Grafoid group. Grafoid is the major Canadian organizer of the Conference. Grafoid is a graphene research and development company based out of Kingston, Ontario and is partnered with Focus Graphite. They have pilot plant scale production and R&D facilities in Singapore, they also host  laboratories and production facilities at Queen’s University.

Exhibitors include NanoXplore, a Montreal based graphene producer; NanoIntegris a Quebec based supplier of High-Mobility Semi-Conductive Ink;  Abalonyx, a Norwegian company which produces and sells single layer graphene oxide.

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