Haydale – HDGHF

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Haydale is based in Ammanford, a small town of about 5,000 about a 20 minute drive from Llanelli in Wales. The stock is a penny stock that is traded OTC (Over the Counter) in North America as HDGHF and on the LSE (London Stock Exchange), on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), as HAYD.

It came on the market in 2015 at around 63 cents when interest in graphene was hyped, it started to decline in 2017 and stabilized at around the 2-3 cent range in 2019-2020. It recently began to rise in July 2020 when a news story was released indicating Haydale had signed a collaboration agreement with Thai Petrochemical company IRPC. The companies are working to develop transparent graphene and conductive inks. Part of that collaboration is to develop organic smart fabric for medical use, including face masks.

At the time of writing, July 17 2020, the stock had risen to almost 6 cents (0.59).

Graphene is a promising material technology and Haydale are well positioned with practical expertise in using graphene as an additive to enhance coatings, inks and composites.

The company financials however show a lot of red. Their 2019 sales were the best yet at 3.47M but their SG&A Expenses (Selling, General & Administration) were almost $8M and only about half a million of that was R&D, their lowest spending on R&D in the last 3 years. They showed a Net Income in the red of (7.19M).

This new announced collaboration is a good sign but how long can the company continue to rack up large losses? Their sales are increasing and they did cut about 600K in expenses last year, it’s wait and see on the 2020 figures. For 6 cents a share it may be worth a shot.