Links on Quantum Computing

A good place to start is watching this video!

How does quantum computing work?

An article from 2015 that’s easy to read, uses the St. Peter and the Pearly Gates story to explain the difference between classical computing and quantum computing.

What are quantum computers and how do they work? WIRED explains

An article from 2018 explains the race between vendors like Google, IBM and a Vancouver company D-Wave to make a commercially viable quantum computer. 

Intel Unveils Cryogenic Chip for Quantum Computing

An article from 2020 shows the race for practical processors for quantum computing. Traditionally quantum processors had to operate at almost absolute zero (-273C) to be effective. This article also uses the spinning flipped coin analogy to explain the qubit. 

Stacking Graphene Creates Entirely New Quantum States

How graphene could play a role in quantum computing, qubits are fragile they change states at the slightest disruption, therefore error correction is a big problem. This article describes new quantum states discovered in graphene where electrons remember their position relative to one another. 

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