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  • Researchers develop magnetic nanographene with a unique butterfly shape that could advance quantum technologies
    Source: Graphene-Info Published onApr-15-2024
  • Directa Plus' GiPave installed at Imola Circuit ahead of Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix
    Source: Graphene-Info Published onApr-13-2024
  • Researchers use graphene to achieve direct observation of a magnetic-field-induced Wigner crystal
    Source: Graphene-Info Published onApr-12-2024
  • Researchers electrically manipulate a ‘chiral interface state’ in a 2D material
    Source: Graphene-Info Published onApr-11-2024
  • Researchers use graphene oxide to develop devices that could advance future cellular therapy for multiple sclerosis patients
    Source: Graphene-Info Published onApr-10-2024
  • A paper battery with water switch
    Source: Science Daily Published onJul-29-2022
  • Magnetic quantum material broadens platform for probing next-gen information technologies
    Source: Science Daily Published onJul-27-2022
  • Graphene scientists capture images of atoms 'swimming' in liquid
    Source: Science Daily Published onJul-27-2022
  • Bioinspired protein creates stretchable 2D layered materials
    Source: Science Daily Published onJul-25-2022
  • Buckyballs on gold are less exotic than graphene
    Source: Science Daily Published onJul-21-2022
  • A magnetic nanographene butterfly poised to advance quantum technologies
    Source: Published onApr-15-2024
  • A machine learning-based approach to discover nanocomposite films for biodegradable plastic alternatives
    Source: Published onApr-13-2024
  • Novel hydrogel removes microplastics from water
    Source: Published onApr-12-2024
  • A molecular moon lander: Insight into molecular motion on surfaces at the nanoscale
    Source: Published onApr-11-2024
  • Defect removal of 2D semiconductor crystals: Trapping oxygen molecules offers greater control
    Source: Published onApr-11-2024
  • Core/shell nanoparticles as efficient reducing agents
    Source: Nanowerk Business News Published onMar-12-2021
  • Delivering semiconductor quantum dots into live cells
    Source: Nanowerk Business News Published onMar-12-2021
  • Polymer nanocomposites - additives, properties, applications, environmental aspects
    Source: Nanowerk Business News Published onMar-10-2021
  • van der Waals heterostructures harness ionic power from photo-induced ion transport
    Source: Nanowerk Business News Published onMar-04-2021
  • Rolling 2D van der Waals heterostructures into 1D nanotubes
    Source: Nanowerk Business News Published onMar-02-2021