Graphene Updates – December 2023

The following are some articles focusing on the commercialization of graphene as of December 2023.

Overview Article on Graphene Commercialization in 2023

This article by Akanksha Urade, Ph.D. gives a good summary of how commercialization of graphene has grown in 2023. It covers batteries, coatings, concrete and a few other niche markets.



An excellent article that provides updates on supercapacitor technology, how it compares to batteries, how graphene is making an impact, current implementations and the challenges that lie ahead.

How graphene is leading the way for supercapacitor technologies

Thermal Management

A quick overview article on thermal management, graphene due to its high thermal conductivity is one of the solutions making an impact.

Revolutionizing Thermal Management

Structural Enhancement

This article looks at the possibilities of graphene as an additive to engineered wood products. It looks at graphene as an additive to the coating,  to the glue, to foam that fills the voids. It goes further down the road to electronic monitoring and energy harvesting potential.

From Forests to Photons: How Mass Timber and Graphene Could Rewrite the Urban Code

Graphene Manufacturing

A technical article that explores using cotton as a source for graphene, as the article states in the introduction, “large-scale fabrication of high-quality single-layer graphene still needs to be improved in aspects of raw materials and manufacturing. The conversion of renewable biomass materials to graphene has been regarded as a feasible idea to scale up graphene fabrication. Herein, an intelligent strategy of cost-effectively deriving high-quality single-layer graphene from cotton via hydrogen passivation-aided exfoliation is proposed.”

Hydrogen passivation accelerated conversion of cotton to graphene

Graphene Coatings

A technical article tests graphene-glass for scratch resistance compared to glass without a graphene coating.

Superlubricity and Stress-Shielding of Graphene Enables Ultra Scratch-Resistant Glasses

Cement/Concrete Additive

There are a number of companies working with graphene as a cement additive. This may be graphene’s first big application. Here are a number of recent articles on the subject.

First Graphene updates on the conclusion of second phase of graphene-enhanced cement trials and other ongoing projects

UAE energy leaders in deal to develop sustainable Graphene concrete

Concretene has signed a development deal with piling and pre-cast concrete manufacturer Roger Bullivant to supply its graphene-enhanced admixture that reduces carbon in concrete.



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