HydroGraph is a Canadian graphene producer, the head office is in Toronto, accounting and legal are in Vancouver.

HydroGraph graphene is a type of graphene produced by HydroGraph Clean Power Inc., a company that uses a patented detonation synthesis technology to create high-quality nanomaterials and alternative-energy fuels. HydroGraph graphene has applications in various industries, such as lubricants, composites, coatings, concrete, and 3D printing.

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Integrated Graphene’s 3-D Graphene Scaffold ( Gii™ )

Article taken from Linkedin post by Saima Nisar on August 3rd 2023

As a Chemistry graduate by background and my 30 years in Industry, I had heard the mention of Graphene from time to time, but never really got under the ‘bonnet’.

However, over the course of the next 3 days in 3-part postings, I am hoping to share my learnings and clear some of the ‘grey’ areas of confusion, ending with exciting applications of Integrated Graphene’s 3-D Graphene scaffold, we call Gii™, and the fantastic opportunities and new application spaces Gii™ brings! 🤓

Over the next 3 days I will be looking at :
Part 1 – Basics of Graphene
Part 2 – Commercially available forms of Graphene
Part 3 – Properties and Applications

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Graphene Batteries – April 2023

The following article was written by AI, copy.ai, the prompt was:

Write an article about graphene battery technology. Use only information presented in 2023.

Introduction to Graphene Batteries

Graphene batteries are a new type of battery that uses graphene as its anode. Graphene is a material made from carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure, and it’s very strong, flexible and conductive.

Graphene batteries have many benefits over other types of batteries: they’re lighter than lithium-ion ones; they charge faster; they last longer; they don’t degrade over time like other types do; and they can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius (1832 Fahrenheit).

Current applications for graphene batteries include electric vehicles (EVs), drones and spacecrafts

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Concretene Updates – March 2023

Concretene is a new type of concrete that contains graphene, a material that is incredibly strong and lightweight. According to the University of Manchester’s Sustainable Futures program, Concretene can be used in the same way as standard concrete, meaning no new equipment or training is needed in the batching or laying process. The improved binding means less material is required, making the process greener and cheaper, with cost savings passed directly to the client. [1]

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Graphene Update – March 2023

Graphene was isolated in 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov at the University of Manchester. They won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene.” There was promise of new products from water desalination to solar cells that would be next generation but we’ve seen little impact to date from graphene products.

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Levidian Nanosystems Limited

This is a company that just recently hit the news (May 2022) mostly due to an article in the Economist. It’s a private company that developed out of the Cambridge University research hub. It was originally called Cambridge Nanosystems.

Its latest product is a self-contained processing plant inside a convenient shipping container. It converts methane, flare gas, into hydrogen and graphene. Usually flare gas is just burned off at resource extraction sites. Turning it into useful products while reducing CO2 emissions seems like a win-win-win situation.

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Zentek – ZEN.V

Zentek, formerly Zen Graphene, describe themselves as an “IP development and commercialization company that uses expertise in nanomaterials and strategic partnerships to uncover new possibilities in healthcare”. Their flagship product is a mask treated with a graphene coating called ZenGUARD purported to have “99%+ proven filtration of viruses and bacteria.” Mark’s, the Canadian clothing store chain, will be carrying the masks.

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NanoXplore – NNXPF

Nanoxplore is based in Montreal and boasts that it is the “world’s largest manufacturer of sustainable, high-quality, cost-effective graphene with 4,000 metric tons of annual production capacity. They recently made the news with a supply agreement to produce and sell GrapheneBlack™ SMC (Sheet Molding Compound).

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